It’s a gala event.  Union Presbyterian Seminary’s “Theology and Film” website has reopened.  When you step inside, you will see some of the remodeling and new construction we have been doing.  Our newest section is entitled “Clips and Lessons.”  This section is devoted to plans for lessons of usually one hour or less.  Given that time frame, extended use is made of film clips.  Check it out.  We think you’ll love it.

When you visit our Faith Reviews, you’ll see that we now have displayed every film that this seminary student body has reviewed.  Our display case is divided into 4 alphabetical groupings.  Just click and jump to the display of film posters.  Then click on the poster of the movie review you want to read.

Weekly, we will be releasing reviews and clip/lessons.  Bookmark us (ctrl + D) and signup with your email address too.  Just click on the “Sign Me Up” button in the email subscription box displayed in the upper right corner.   We’ll be happy to share with you announcements about each posting we make.

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Theology and Film Is Restarting

Watch for our restart announcement.  The website of “Theology and Film,” sponsored by Union Presbyterian Seminary is restarting.  The reopening will feature a new tab called “Clips.” “Clips” will contain course, program and class outlines for using film clips in lessons of 60 minutes or less.  This is a great addition for those programs where you cannot devote time to watch an entire movie.  In addition to this new feature, the entire library of previously posted movie reviews and reviewed of printed and web-based resources will be retained.  Watch your email box for the restart announcement and thank you for following our site.

Five Children & It

Union Presbyterian Seminary alumna Kelly Hames reviews this family film that makes can help children think about the distinctions between magic and hope.

Click on the image to be taken to the full review.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Union Presbyterian Seminary alumna Kelly Hames offers suggestions for using the three Lord of the Rings movies (Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King) in a discussion forum.

Click on the image to read her review.

Madea’s Family Reunion (2006)

Union Presbyterian Seminary alumna Kelly Hames suggests that this movie “could be used to illustrate and explore the idea of selfdignity
and how that could impact not just individual self-esteem but
a culture or community as well.”

Click on the image to read her complete review.

City of Ember (2008)

Union Presbyterian Seminary alumna Kelly Hames recommends this movie if you’re looking for a film that has a child or teenager as the hero.

Click on the image for her full review.

Battle for Terra (2009)

Union Presbyterian Seminary graduate Kelly Hames suggests that this movie can be watched by all ages and perhaps provide stimulus for discussions about stewardship and living peacefully together.

Click on the image to read her complete review.

The Fish.com

Star Crawford offers some thoughts on whether this website that says it offers “a Christian look at pop culture” is as helpful as it could be when engaging theology and film.

Click on the image above for the complete review of this web resource.

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It (1999)

Union Presbyterian Seminary student Tom LaBonte suggests that themes of the parable of the Prodigal Son can be found in this movie.

Click on  the image for the complete review.

Henry Poole is Here

Hope and faith are two clearly identified themes in Henry Poole is Here.  Union Presbyterian Seminary student offers his review of this film, as well as lines in the script that offer fodder for theological discussion.

Click on the image to read the complete review.

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